With complex and changing laws tax planning has become essential to effective business management. Our tax planning services develop overall complete plans based on our expertise in the field of financial planning. We help clients develop tax strategies consistent with their business goals. Our commitment to thoroughly understanding the client’s detailed tax data produces a comprehensive framework for developing tax solutions that meet the precise financial needs and objectives of each client. Our relationship-based service focuses on delivering tailored solutions to individual business needs, helping to build value and manage the impact of the tax take on your business. At TSC we can support you in a number of ways from helping you to reduce overall tax take in your business, increasing business efficiency, ensuring tax compliance to bench-marking effective tax rate against competitors.

  •         Preparation and filing of Income tax, Sales Tax and Excise returns,
  •         Partnerships, public & private limited companies, estates, charitable trusts,
  •         Follow up of taxation affairs,
  •         Representation of clients for assessment / audit procedures and preparing,
  •         Filing and proceeding for appeals.
  •         Tribunal Hearings